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  • Awesome R-Kaid-6 Custom Retro Wooden Video Game Console

    Check out this Maximus Arcade powered arcade console

    The R-Kaid-6 is inspired by the classic Atari 2600 and other retro gaming consoles, and it has been made from a combination of wood, a 10 year old computer, two arcade controllers and more.

    R-Kaid-6 Custom Retro Wooden Video Game Console


    I´d like to share a project I´ve been working on the last few months. It´s a wooden video game console titled “R-Kaid-6”, inspired by the old Atari 2600 and retro arcade machines. It uses my custom version of the frontend Maximus Arcade for emulators and runs on a ten-year-old computer. It got customized cables and two arcade joysticks that turns upside-down when not in use.

    R-Kaid-6 Custom Retro Wooden Video Game Console

    Love Hultén’s website.

  • Attention: License Generation

    Just a heads-up that our new system will send out purchased codes within 1 business day during Monday - Friday, but for X-Arcade codes, those are sent at the end of each month, so you'll have the first day of next month after purchase.

  • 4th Of July Annoucement

    Just a heads-up that we will be closed from July 4th until Monday, July 7th, so we may be a little slow getting out licenses. Please be patient!

  • Forums Are Down

    Just a heads-up that as we work on this site redesign and upgrade, the forums will be down for a few more days.  We are moving over to a better platform (Amazon Web Services) to host the forums which should help with the spam issues we've had on the forums.

    Please be patient! 


    Thanks: Maximus Arcade Team

  • Maximus Arcade Relaunch

    As you can see, we've been working hard on a relaunch of the Maximus Arcade site.   We have some great news planned in the not-to-distant future, so be sure to check back and stay in touch.

    The good news is that you can expect licenses for Maximus Arcade to be generated and sent out within 24 hours and all existing Maximus Arcade license holders are going to be elgible for a free update to the next update of Maximus Arcade. 

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